First, I would like to thank everyone for the opportunity to serve as the President of the Mississippi Fire Investigators Association. I look forward to working with the Board of Directors and the membership to provide quality training for all our public and private sector investigators. It is my hope, with the training that is provided through the Association, we can greater serve the people of Mississippi and reduce the number of incendiary fires. I hope through the training that is held we can network with one another and better understand ways to combat fraud. I encourage our members to reach out to their area Vice Presidents, Board of Directors and myself to share ideas about upcoming training and information that may be beneficial to the Association. Feel free to contact me with any concerns or ideas that you may have at 601-954-3501.

MFIA President Scott McRaney
The Mission and Purpose of the Association shall be:
  • To unite for mutual benefit those public officials and private persons engaged in investigating the origin and cause of fire.
  • To assist in the control of arson and kindred crimes
  • To provide for the exchange of technical information and developments.
  • To cooperate with other law enforcement agencies and associations to further the suppression of arson.
  • To encourage high professional standards of conduct among fire investigators in the state of Mississippi.