Attention Members:
 Renewal fees have increased to $25.00 as of January 1, 2013.
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I would like to thank the members for your trust  and confidence in my abilities to serve as Executive Vice President last year and President for the coming year.  I have been a member of this association for ten years and have enjoyed the camaraderie and the opportunity to learn from the conferences and from those who were so willing to offer their guidance.  This association is a very unique group, made up of members who seek a common goal, but from different aspects.  Some are primarily fire service, while others are law enforcement or private sector.  We have enjoyed the benefits that each group brings to the association.  I want to see that continue for years to come.  We want to offer training that benefits all members and would like to receive feedback as to any specific training that would benefit any member. I would like to promote more cohesiveness within our group so that everybody can benefit from the networking opportunities that I have enjoyed in years past.  There are a lot of younger members.  I would like to encourage you all to get to know as many folks as you can because there is opportunity to gain something from each member.  We are all different from different areas and different job responsibilities, but when it comes to fire investigation, we should all find common ground.  Although, we each have different techniques and ideas about things, the ultimate goal of each member should be to make the association as good as it can be so that we can continue to pass on the the things that we have learned to those who are just getting started.  That is what this association is all about.  We try to have a little fun along the way to go with it, but the ultimate goal is to help each member be as successful in their careers as possible. I look forward to working with all of the officers and Board of Directors this year to seek out any ideas that will make anything better.  This is a team effort and I encourage all members to let us share any comments or concerns at any time that would benefit our group.  If you like something, let us know.  If you don’t like something, let us know that too.  The most important thing is that we all work together for a positive result in all that we do. We are a chapter of the IAAI and I want to encourage all of you to become a member of that organization and enjoy the benefits that come along with being a member of an international association.  If you have not looked into those benefits, please take a few minutes and visit their web site.  It is a very good way to  reinforce individual skills on an individual basis at  your convenience and at no cost other than your annual membership.  I also encourage you to seek the various certification that they offer.  These demonstrate that you have the knowledge that has been set as the criteria for that job skill at an international level. I would like to once again thank you for your vote of confidence in me.  I will do my best to serve all of you to the best of my ability. President Gerald Pickle

The Mission and Purpose of the Association shall be:
  • To unite for mutual benefit those public officials and private persons engaged in investigating the origin and cause of fire, and to assist in the control of arson and kindred crimes.
  • To provide for the exchange of technical information and developments.
  • To cooperate with other law enforcement agencies and associations to further the suppression of arson.
  • To encourage high professional standards of conduct among fire investigators in the state of Mississippi.

Much time and work has been rendered by many individuals to upgrade our website to allow the association to keep its members better informed. The site provides professional links which will be found to be of great value to all who utilize them. Eventually the site will offer capabilities for individuals to pay for new memberships, membership renewals, seminar registration fees, and hopefully in the future merchandise purchases.